What is Life Coaching? Do I Need a Coach?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

First I would like to start off by saying if you think you NEED a life coach, chances are you actually NEED a therapist. Life coaches are not therapists. When an athlete injures an area of their body, they NEED a physical therapist, when you need help on areas of your emotions, mind and past hurts and traumas, you invest in a therapist. Life coaches don’t try to “fix” you. We understand you are not broken. We simply help bring out the best in you, similar to a sports coach. Investing in life coaching comes from a deep desire to get more out of life and to live the best version of yourself.

Speaking of sports, how serious would you take a professional sports team who announced “We have decided to coach ourselves to victory during this season”? You probably wouldn’t take them too serious, and the same is true about your life and the seasons you continuously come in and out of. We all need someone to hold us accountable for goals and wins we set for ourselves. Someone to support and stretch us and remind us of the innate wisdom that already resides inside of us. A life coach is someone to help you get to the finish line and claim victory over your goals and desires.

In addition to being your cheerleader, helping you with goal setting and sharing with you different perspectives and strategies you may have not considered; A good life coach, tend to not give advice at all, we simply allow you to find the answer within. We help you evolve and work out solutions by tapping into that wisdom reservoir we all possess as spiritual beings. We help you build on your strengths and discover the gifts you may have not known you had. A good life coach doesn’t attempt to lay out the path and answers for you, we empower you to find your own road map to your path while helping you examine what you want, why you want it and how to get it.

Coaching is for everyone. Life coaches have coaches as well. Actually I have 3! A business coach, a life coach and a mentor. I tend to have over the top, lofty goals, ideas and aspirations; so I can use a coach or 2 to bring me down from the clouds and keep me focused, but also stretch me and keep it real with me when my ego starts to come out and play. Have you ever started towards a goal, received sound advice, read a book, took a class, listened to an inspirational video and attempted to apply what you learned to your life? And what happens when that attempt doesn’t bring about a lasting transformation you were expecting right away? You sometimes give up and dwell on what didn’t work, which in some cases can leave you insecure and discouraged; or make you abandon everything that you learned. A life coach helps you to re frame that experience to extract from it what did work and help you to discover and dwell on the “needle movers”. I like to call benchmarks, small victories and slight progressions, needle movers; because it moves the needle towards the bigger goal or bigger victory. So often we wait to celebrate the actual win and goal itself, but what about the journey? What about the growth and the nuggets of wisdom obtained during the time before reaching the finish line; before reaching your throne? Have you stopped and realized you’re not the same person you were before you started and have you stopped and visualized how you’re not going to be the same person when you finish? Each step closer to your goal brings about new lessons, new growth and new wisdom, that you will need before you even step into that victory, before you even become the person needed to walk in your purpose. A great life coach will help you to realize this along the way, we help you find the joy in the journey.

So in case you didn’t realize; this was definitely a subliminal advertisement that has turned into a blatant ad, for Step Up to the Plate of L.I.F.E. Transformation Coaching, where as a result of my coaching, clients will…1) gain the clarity needed to step out of their comfort zone to change daily habits and limited beliefs that no longer serve or align to where and who they desire to be, 2) bridge the gap of where they are now to where they want to go and 3) celebrate the “needle movers” along the way. I provide a loving, safe and non judgmental space for my clients to be vulnerable and transparent without making them feel small. I encourage my clients to embrace the present and find the light and peace with where they are right now in this moment; then we’ll discover together the tools and strategies needed to get them to the finish line.

On the other hand, I may not be the life coach for you, and that’s okay. However, I highly recommend finding a coach that is right for you. There are so many coaches including life, confidence, business, sports, career, speech, or health coaches to choose from. Investing in a coach once in your lifetime will yield a great return of your investment. Overall, working with a coach can help bring out the best in you and help you to become better and bolder. Working with a coach will help you step out of your comfort zone and step up to the plate to live the life you deserve while also helping you to discover your purpose so you can serve and bring out the best in those around you.

It’s time you invest in yourself

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