Setbacks are Comebacks in disguise

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We've all experienced them before. The inevitable setbacks. You know when you are moving along and you think you're in alignment and doing everything right and all of a sudden 'SMACK' a setback sneaks in. They can send you barreling back in the opposite direction of where you desired to go, making you feel stuck. While this may not feel good or look good, its actually all good. It's all good because setbacks protect us in the long run. We don't understand it when it happens but looking back in hindsight, we understand why things didn't turn out as we thought they would. Think about it, when something doesn't go as planned or you fail at something that you were hoping and praying for, and perhaps you make a misstep on your journey back to your throne or it feels like a bad move, there will always be a valuable and powerful life lesson in the midst of it, waiting for you to learn from it. You see, God never misses a step, so everything that happens is for your good.

This reminds me of the story of Joseph in the Bible. Remember it looked like God made a mess of his life. He had a dream of the Sun, Moon, and the eleven stars bowing down to him that signified a life of influence and power. However, his brothers, threw him in a pit out of jealousy, and sold him as a slave to Egypt. Then to make it worst he was thrown into prison shortly after that based on a lie someone told about him. He went through many missteps and setbacks right? But while in prison, Joseph learned a lot about patience, how to deal with deceptive people, and he even learned how to feed and be of service to others. As a slave, he learned the importance of leadership, humbleness, and hard work. Now this was not the life Joseph envisioned for his life, but it was needed to grow him into the man God needed him to be. God had another plan for him, he had something in store for Joseph that would catapult him to another level. He was being trained even during the hardships and setbacks. He was being trained to become the Chief Minister of Egypt where his wisdom and planning saved lives of many people and nations.

Now while you may not have been thrown into prison or in a pit by your brothers and made a slave, (or maybe you have; I don't know), the point is Joseph's setbacks were a set-up for a come-up. His comeback game was strong.

There will be times when you become discouraged because your dreams look like they are not going to happen, and every step forward, seems like two steps backwards. But how do slingshots work? You lower the rock into a rubber band and then you start to pull it back, back, backwards until it can't go back any further, and then you release it and catapult that rock to a far distance from where it started. You're the rock and your setbacks are the rubber bands. God will use your mistakes, setbacks, and your LIFE as a slingshot to pull you backwards until he has sensed you've learned what you need to know to advance and be released to the next level and season of your life. So don't get too weary or discouraged when things don't happen quick enough or how you envisioned them to be in your mind, learn what you must learn from every delay, setback, mistake, failed attempt or misstep. If you can look at these setbacks as divine protection and learning lessons, you will be able to pick yourself back up, examine and reflect on it and start again with more wisdom, humility and strength than ever before. What you learn from these setbacks are what's needed in the next season of your life. Guaranteed!

Remember God never misses a step and your setbacks are setups for your come-ups. Your comeback season is going to be so much stronger.

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