Reminders from God (Reflections at the Lake)

As I write this I have 44% battery life and its 4:40 pm. I'm sitting here at the lake (Visualizing, Affirming, Meditating, Praying). Before coming to the lake today, I was feeling very heavy. My energy was a little lower than usual and I felt drained. There's so much changes going on in my life, most are exciting, wanted and needed but others are coming unexpectedly. That's life right? Thanking God for giving me a strong adaptability to life, as this has brought on a level of tenacity that sometimes surprises me as I am able to adapt naturally and effortlessly to the ever flow of changes happening inside and outside of me. Nevertheless, my soul knew what I needed in this moment so I put on some workout clothes grabbed my journal and pen and jogged a few blocks to the lake.

As I'm jogging I noticed a folded dollar laying on the grass. I pick it up and examine it. The four numbers on each side reads 7777. I whisper to myself. Thank you God for reminding me that prosperity and abundance is all around me. I immediately think to myself, there's no such thing as lack, it's all relative to my perception.

As I continue to jog along the lakefront trail, I stop to take in the view and notice a fleet of sailboats sailing by. Not even a second later a car rides along Lake Shore Drive blasting "On The Ocean" by K'Jon. I smile and thank God for reminding me my ships are finally sailing in and blessings are on the horizons as the lyrics goes; "Now the tide is coming in, I see the waves flowing, Out there on the ocean I know my ship is coming in; Just pass the horizon, And right where the sky ends. Its out there on the ocean, I know my ship is coming in so don't leave me hanging I've been waiting too long for this moment; My ship has finally come"

Sailboats on Lake Michigan

I instantly turn on YouTube and start looking at the video of this song when instantly I feel a deep resonating feeling within my soul. I feel a stirring inside of me, it feels like butterflies dancing inside of my stomach.

I look to my right and there goes a beautiful monarch butterfly fluttering in the air. I instantly follow it to take a picture of it, but before landing it takes me on a small journey to get to it. The butterfly took me along some rocks, in some grass until finally landing on a plant.

Thanking God for reminding me life is a transformation and although it may start off from humble beginnings like the caterpillar, it will transform and manifest like the beautiful butterfly but not before the dark cocoon stage, which is the most important stage since most of the necessary changes occur during that time.

And if that wasn't enough reminders and confirmations of the promises I've received from God throughout my whole life. I notice a brown and white feather. Anyone who knows me, knows feathers mean something special to me; when I notice a feather, a feeling of divine protection comes to me from my mother, father, both of my grandfathers and my paternal grandmother. I thank God for reminding me I am protected by a whole tribe of angels and they are always with me and my sons. Something tells me to research what each color of feathers mean specifically and it turns out finding a white feather is also "a symbol of faith and protection, and when you find white feathers in peculiar locations the message is especially significant. This is often just to reassure you that your angels are around you, working with you, and answering your prayers. They are confirmation that you are on the right path and definitely heaven sent". Brown feathers have another message as "brown signify grounding, home life, and stability. Brown shows you there is an energy of respect, groundedness, and balance between the physical world and the world of the spiritual. It signifies the importance of connecting with the earth and the now or the present moment. It also serves as a reminder of setting healthy boundaries. Keeping a balanced perspective and reviving your energy and creativity are reminders a brown feather brings."

(

It's amazing how the Divine Spirit knows exactly what to do to speak to you in a language only you will understand. In a language that uses signs and synchronicities that will resonate with your soul. With so many changes going on in all areas of my life; Health and Wellness, Finances and Career, Interpersonal relationships with others and my relationship with God; it was refreshing to receive these reminders. What's more powerful to me is how many showed up all at one time. They showed up simultaneously. This has NEVER happened. But then again I have never been in the space I'm in now, so it makes sense. The Law of Gestation is real and so important to understand. The principle of gestation reminds us that everything has a gestation period during which it develops. Just like a baby gestates in the womb for over nine months, any creation process and each transition we experience also has a period of gestation that is a necessary part of the process. Everything must go through a season of waiting and a season of patience. When things are growing underneath the surface but are not yet showing, just like a woman pregnant with a baby in her first trimester; you have to have faith, that the manifestation will arrive in divine timing and when you have learned and grown into the person that can handle the harvest. Remember this has already been promised and assigned to you. God is everywhere and signs and synchronicities are everywhere but you must be in the present to notice them. How does God speak to you?

The Meaning of Signs:

4444: This number signifies all the hard work and sacrifices you have made are paying off. This number usually shows up to answer a prayer, question or wish you had. Its a message of faith to remind you that you are on the right path spiritually.

7777: The number signifies spiritually the blessings of God. Prosperity and Abundance. It also signifies how God rewards the fruits of our labor and the hard work we put in everything that we do.

Finding money: This means that you are worth a lot. It also means a sign of love and value from your loved ones who have passed on.

Butterflies: When a butterfly crosses your path, it means that you should embrace all changes that are about to come into your life. A butterfly is a symbol of transformation, blessings and happiness that will follow you in the future period.

Feathers: Signs and reminders from your guardian angels and spiritual guides.

While this may mean nothing to some people, it means everything to others. Recognize how God speaks to you. It may be in the form of random lyrics, through random people, dreams and visions or subtle signs from the universe. If you ask God to send you a sign concerning things in your life you have to be open and present to receive them. God knows how these signs will resonate with your spirit. Trust them. I'm grateful for the reminder that I'm God's Best Idea!

Love and Light!

The Introverted Empath

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