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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

What is Divine Feminine?

Since DF is a concept grounded in spirituality; depending on who you ask, the definition may vary. This can be different for everyone since we are all unique and have different interpretations of this. I'll share with you a general definition but also encourage you to discover what it means to you. To me, DF is a sacred energy and consciousness that we all possess regardless of gender; its something that can't be seen but rather experienced and felt, its a healing force beyond this 3D reality. It's our connection to Divine Spirit and Creator of everything that exists in this universe. It's listening to one's intuition. That inner knowing, inner being, inner voice and inner spirit within us all. It's trusting the inner call to speak our truth without restraint. It's the part of us that brings on balance within our soul and spirit. It's a part of us that has been hidden and repressed for far too long not only within us but also in the universe.

I'm writing this for those who were born in this physical 3D reality as women, female and Goddesses and may be resisting the divine feminine in them whether it is unconsciously or conditioned. I'm writing this for those who want to become more in alignment with the feminine essence of who they really are.

Womanhood is unique. Every woman is a unique expression of the divine feminine. One of the ways to come in alignment with your divine feminine is to reject conformity to an archetypal idea of what a woman or divine feminine is or isn't. Its about letting go and releasing all things that block or threaten your own unique feminine essence from radiating and flowing through you. Its about reclaiming who you really are and changing the narrative of what a woman is to YOU not to society.

Our consciousness is basically divided up into the masculine and feminine energies. We need both to achieve our highest spiritual and creative potential. The universe is divided into these energies as well. Yin and Yang, God and Goddesses, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

DF represents the connection to the part of your consciousness responsible for Restoration, Empathy, Compassion, Life, Renewal, Creation, Birth, Healing, Receptivity, Openness, Love, Nurturing, Understanding, Insight, Intuition, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Connection, Harmony, Sensuality, Allowing, Surrendering, Emotion, Reflection, and Being among many more and regardless of your gender. To come in the expression of our own divine feminine is to search and connect with these things and allow them to express themselves naturally.

Masculine energy is Inpatient, Striving, Rushing, Thrusting, Organizing, Doing, Action, Competing, Hard, Aggressive, Controlling, Driven, Analytical, Assertive, Logical, Busy, Left-side thinking; its more of an external type of energy.

We are living in a Hyper wounded masculine world that is not serving us as women, men, children and overall spiritual human 'beings'. We have become human 'doings'. We have been conditioned to be in excessive masculine energy all of the time. After awhile, this can become draining, it can cause chaos and imbalance. It threatens the natural flow and ebb of the universe. This can create blocks and imbalances that we may not be aware of that can be a detriment to us all eventually.

When i think about both energies the only way to describe them is like a container with water in it. The container is masculine energy where as the water is feminine energy. Without the water the container is purposeless and has no use because it was created to hold and contain something. However, without the container the water pretty much spills everywhere and has no direction or protection. They can't exist without the other and they both play a powerful role.

You can also look at masculine energy as a waterfall and feminine energy as a river that flows.

In my opinion, women have lost touch with that side of us that allows us to express ourselves in a unique way. This has been repressed due to our need for acceptance and belonging. We have become obsessed with doing and doing just to conform and fit into an image that we hardly have time to pause, reflect, replenish, and renew ourselves from the demands of the world.

It's hard to attract anything, whether love, inner peace, abundance, wisdom or health when we are in a masculine action and doing state all the time. This is evident even during our spiritual practices. Because sometimes you can affirm and visualize too much which is also an action type of energy and block the very thing you are trying to manifest. It's just as important to surrender after you plant a seed and release the desire of trying to control the outcome. Planting a seed only requires you to water it, God will provide the sunlight, the rain, and sometimes the crop killers as a test. However, trying to control these things blocks the harvest from coming. A lesson I am learning during this season.

How can you express, awaken and develop a stronger connection to your Divine Feminine? This is different for everyone so I'll share what I feel are some of the basics that have worked for me and that are WORKING for me. I'm still a work in progress.

Slow Down- Divine Masculine energy is about doing and DF is about being. Take time to just be still, take time to nurture your spirit by praying, meditating, spending time in silence, reflecting on the present moment and being aware of what's going on around you RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Take time to go with the flow of life and surrender to the Divine Creator

Live from the heart- Tap into your emotions and sit with them. We sometimes stay in our heads about everything. Over analyzing things to make sense of it. We have been taught not to show emotions or vulnerability because this is associated with being weak. So we repress them. Take time listening to your own heart, connecting with how you feel in every moment. Your heart is the seat of your soul. Living from your heart will help bring balance into your life. This will allow you to tap into kindness to others and gratitude for who you are and what you have.

Connect with the earth- The earth is the ultimate mother. It feeds us, nurtures us, teaches us, protects us. Its Mother Nature. We have disconnected with our Mother as children of God. We often refer to God as Father and Earth as Mother. We must connect to them both to live a life of harmony and peace. Spending time in nature is a great way to connect with DF and heal. Dance in the rain, walk barefoot in the dirt, soak up the sun rays, smell the flowers, listen to animals as they speak and just observe and relish in everything that has been created just for you.

Become a listener. Listen and receive others on a more emotional level instead of getting your point across or 'fixing' the problem. Just listen! We all desire to be heard and seen so listening to others and affirming that you hear them and see them is tapping more into your divine feminine because when you listen you are being more receptive. Listening is a way to receive energy and receive information.

Honor your menstrual cycle- This is one of most powerful expression of femininity. If its hard to honor something that brings on cramps or feelings of bloating, acne, or any other feelings, know that these are reactions to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Your period is all about releasing and shedding to bring life in this world. Honor this.

Spend time with other women- Collaboration. It takes a village to raise a woman. Spend time with like minded women who are self aware of the power of connectedness. Its healing to be around women who pour into you and remind you of your true essence. We tend to neglect this and feel we can't get along with women because they are too catty, gossip too much, are jealous or hateful, while this may be true for some women, its important you find your tribe so you can find your vibe. Is it possible you may have connected with the wrong women that have shaped your opinion of all women? This can change. Being an introvert, socially awkward or shy is not an excuse to go through life alone. Find a group of women who you can pour into and who can pour into you. Reciprocity is key. This may not even be the women in your family, sometimes its strangers from different cultures, races backgrounds and parts of the world. Whatever the case, spend time with a woman or a tribe of women to express and tap more into your divine feminine.

Self-Acceptance- Strip down to your pure nakedness and stare at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself. EVERYDAY! You can't connect to your Divine Feminine if you do not love and accept yourself. Your body is a temporary container of the true essence inside. Look for those things that you love and those things that are not so desirable like that stubborn stomach fat. Stop comparing yourself to others and accept who you are. If there are things you don't like, you have the power to change them with dedication, discipline, accountability and consistence. If you can't change them embrace them and know that God makes no mistakes.

Let Go and Release- Expressing your DF is all about releasing and letting go of those things and ideals that disallow you to be who you really are. Surrender to the flow of life and let things happen naturally. Remember your DF is something like a river that flows. There is so much power to a flowing river. It has the power to break down a mountain. We hold on to so much out of ego and wanting to be in control and wanting to be right that we miss our blessings in the power of letting things just BE. Let go. If it is meant to be in your life, it will come back around. Letting go and releasing is telling God you trust what is being done in your life.

Self-Expression The way you walk and how your hips sway left to right, the way you speak, how you wear your hair, the way you dress, the jewelry you wear, the wigs and makeup you use to enhance your beauty, the respect you demand when you walk in the room, your skin, the fragrances you put on, and more are all ways you express your individuality and uniqueness. Express yourself how you see fit without restraint or fear of what someone else may think. Your power is in your uniqueness. Womanhood is something like a puzzle. Each woman has a special and unique piece of the puzzle that contributes to the bigger vision of the picture as a whole.

You are powerful in all you do and all that you are love. You were created for a time such as this. You've repressed your Divine Feminine for far too long and its time to live fully in your unique truth. Its time to find balance in both masculine and feminine energies so you live in expression of your highest spiritual self.

Check out my episode Embracing Our Divine Feminine on Wait On Purpose the podcast here:

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