You're Pregnant with Possibilities

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

There's a time during pregnancy where a woman doesn't show. In fact, no one knows or can see the beautiful life force that is growing on the inside of her. Usually she is very selective on who she reveals her pregnancy to during the first trimester and sometimes the only person who knows is the person who has helped her to create it. They are both well aware of the blessing growing on the inside and understand the need to nurture it in silence.

During the second trimester she starts to show. A few people can see that there's something growing on the inside of her but they're not quite sure if it's a boy or girl. Sometimes she doesn't even know what it is herself but she still shows up every day and nurtures the life growing inside of her.

Then the third trimester comes and now she is showing, she is growing and she is glowing and everyone can see that indeed there is something growing on the inside of her. There's something different about her. The way she moves is now different. And everyone can see it. Some are excited for her and some are not. Nevertheless, she feels this life force is kicking her from the inside. There are so many sleepless nights and mixed emotions and feelings going on. Some days are stressed and some better than the others. However, any day with the help of midwives she is going to push out the beautiful blessing and share her gift to the world.

After birth its a whole different season that will require even more nurturing, more patience, consistency, vision, planning, prepping, support from a village, long nights, self care, and sacrifices. She understand the reward will come once this small blessing grows to serve and bless others.

Many of us are still in the first stages of birthing a vision, an idea or a goal that has been growing on the inside of us that no one knows or can see and may not even understand. But its there and you know it and you can feel it. Some of us are in our second stage and we're showing and we're sharing and we're nurturing our gift but starting to feel the pain that comes with it. Then there's a lot of us that are in our final stages before its time to implement it from vision to manifestation. You have mentors, coaches and other people around you who are going to make sure that your gift is birthed and shared with the world.

And some of us are sharing, serving and blessing others with what we have already birthed into the world. We have went through the labor pains and we are walking boldly in our purpose.

No matter what stage you are in at this moment in your life, it is just as important as the next stage. Each stage may present different challenges but each stage requires nurturing, patience, faith, hard work, persistence, consistence, self-care, surrendering, love and the help and support of others. Even though there are so many other people who have went through the same stages, same growing pains, and may have even birthed the same ideas in the world, just remember yours is unique and has your special perspective, experience, and DNA that no one can duplicate, And that love is where your superpower lies.

You're pregnant with possibilities. It's time to push!

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