You have a Seed filled with Potential and Purpose

Take a few deep breaths.

Now, here in this relaxed peaceful place, you have been given a seed. This is a very special seed. Within it are all the components of who you really are. Your POTENTIAL; your PURPOSE; the VISION of your life. Like the seed of any tree or flower, THE BLUEPRINT to who you are is already contained within this seed.

A mighty Oak tree grows from a single seed. A beautiful flower grows from a single seed. Everything about the Oak tree or the flower that it needs to be all that it can be is held within that seed.

You now are aware of your seed. it is unique to you. It contains your signature and the greatness of all that you are. Now, imagine making some space within you. MAKE SOME SPACE WITHIN. Imagine you have a special private patch of lawn or garden within you. The ground is fertile and it is brimming with all the things that make for a perfect place to plant your seed. Dig a hold and place your seed within it. TRUST that you know exactly how to do it. As you plant your seed, appreciate the moments that it takes to cover your seed with soil and to water it. Take a moment to appreciate the environment around that is going to help your seed to grow. Appreciate the sun, the light that will shine on the spot where you have planted your seed. Appreciate the rain that will come and water your seed. Appreciate the birds, the worms and the soil which will all do their part in providing a perfect environment for your seed to grow.

Your life is the same, appreciate the people, the events and the opportunities around you. They are providing you with the environment within which you are growing. Your seed will grow within you. Keep in mind the environment that best suits the seed's growth.

Stomping on the ground will not help the seed to grow. Digging it up to measure its progress will not help it to grow. Yelling at it to hurry up will not help it to grow. Getting frustrated with yourself that you are not the tree already isn't going to help the natural and beautiful growth that is taking place. Take yourself into this garden space within you, water the ground and watch with positive expectation of the incredible tree that will grow out of that seed; the incredible person that is growing out of that seed. Just simply appreciate that you have that seed inside of you and it is GROWING and BECOMING.

It doesn't matter if you or others can't see it yet just know and TRUST that it is happening and relax into the good feeling that comes from BELIEVING IN YOURSELF and in your own natural potential and unfolding. TRUST yourself. TRUST that you are at the right place at the right time and TRUST that everything IS and that you are unfolding perfectly for you. That is what you can do to help your seed to grow, that is what you can do to live and know your purpose. That is the most powerful thing you can do. TRUST that your potential is there. TRUST that it is natural and that it grows and becomes all that it can be. TRUST that as a natural part of its progress it already is perfect in this moment. You can not have the tree without the seed and it never grows over night from a seed to a massive tree. TRUST in your perfect timing and perfect becoming. You will notice profound differences in yourself with this seed meditation. Every time you feel the sun or rain or see a beautiful flower or a magnificent mighty tree, let it be a reminder to you that you are also growing and expanding and becoming more of who you are everyday. Let it remind you that within you now is all your POTENTIAL AND PURPOSE. Its already there. You only need to let it grow.

Breathing deeply in and out.

This blog post was quoted by Rising Higher Meditation

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