Jill H. 

90 Day Total Transformation 

My experience working with Trici has been a very rewarding experience. She is positive, motivating and caring. Trici has taught me how to forgive and let go of the negative thoughts that no longer serve me. She sees my potential when I don’t and pushes me to a limit beyond my dream. I love her for that! At the end of the 90-Day program, I am a better Mom, Wife and more importantly a better ME. I feel privileged to work with Trici – Jill Ho

12 Week Transformation Coaching

Pink Blossom

Chelsea H

Four Course Meal 

I have been working with Trici for the past several weeks now which has been a fabulous experience and I have no reason to expect it will continue to be such. I feel more comfortable in knowing my yearnings that shape my wants, I know what my top five priorities are in life, and she gives me the support when I am or feel stuck. I feel blessed that I am working with her, she listens to understand, and she will ask me the hard questions that friends may not feel comfortable asking.

16 Week Transformation Coaching


Dominique M. 

CEO of Woman of Goaled and Author

I absolutely loved my coaching from Trici. She was extremely patient and she had a great way of meeting me where I was at in my life's journey. She was so relatable that I felt like I was talking to one of my homegirls.

12 Week Transformation Coaching


Marina L

90 Day Total Transformation 

Trici was absolutely wonderful to work with, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to do so. She is remarkably insightful, resulting in her being a skillful searcher, with an uncanny ability to ask the right question at the right time to unearth and dig apart the things I had not seen or wanted to look at. I was impressed by her ability to use the things I told her to create an understanding of me, and to therefore know what suggestions and approaches might work best for me. Thanks to her, I had quite a few "aha" moments, that I will carry forward, little reminders, things I hadn’t thought of. Apart from how good she is at coaching, she is really fun to chat with, very personable, has a wonderful sense of humour, a great laugh, and a genuine heart. I felt blessed to have been coached by her. Thank you, Trici.

12 Week Transformation Coaching